Top 10 Paid Celebrities and Influencers on Instagram for 2017

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Instagram is now becoming a larger stream of income for many of today’s celebrities and influencers. Have you ever wondered what some of these celebrities and influencers are getting paid for posting sponsored posts on Instagram?

Brands and companies are willing to spend as low as $7,000 for Instagram influencer post to as high as $500,000 per sponsored post from an A List celebrity according to The Telegraph.

We have compiled below a list of top 10 paid celebrities and influencers on Instagram. See how much they make per sponsored post on Instagram for 2017.

Top Paid Celebrities on Instagram for 2017

The top paid celebrity on Instagram is Selena Gomez who gets $550,000 per sponsored post to reach her 122 million Instagram followers.

Kim Kardashian, a reality television personality, and a socialite makes a $500,000 per post that goes out to her 100 million Instagram followers.

The third highest paid celebrity on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo. The super star soccer player earns $400,000 per post that reaches his 104 million Instagram followers. He is also the world’s highest-paid soccer player for 2017 according to Forbes.

Here is a compiled list of the most and least paid celebrities for sponsored posts on Instagram.

Top 10 Paid Celebrities for Sponsored Posts on Instagram for 2017

CelebrityInstagram FollowersPaid Per Sponsored Post
Selena Gomez122 million$550,000
Kim Kardashian100 million$500,000
Cristiano Ronaldo104 million$400,000
Kylie Jenner95 million$400,000
Kendal Jenner81.7 million$370,000
Khloe Kardashian68 million$250,000
Kourtney Kardashian57.8 million$250,000
Cara Delevingne 40.4 million$150,000
Gigi Hadid34.7 million$120,000
Lebron James30.7 million$120,000

Top Paid Influencers on Instagram for 2017

Top paid influencers on Instagram include Huda Kattan, Cameron Dallas and Jen Selter.

According to AdWeek, 99.3% of influencers said Instagram was a great place to connect with community and brands. Projected estimates show Instagram’s influencer market at 1.07 billion dollars and projects that by 2019, the market will have grown to a 2.38 billion dollars industry.

Huda Kattan is a beauty blogger from Dubai who has over 20 million followers on Instagram. She can make up to $18,000 per post for simply wearing makeup products. After starting her beauty blog in 2010 and growing her Instagram account to over 20 million followers, Huda Katten is considered a leading influencer in the beauty & cosmetics industry.

Cameron Dallas is an American internet personality from California, is model, actor, and singer best known for his prominence on the video application Vine and Instagram. Cameron Dallas is social media star who became an influencer for his Instagram pictures and comedic videos on Vine. He has more than 20 million followers on Instagram and in 2016, he began starring on the Netflix series Chasing Cameron.

Jen Selter, an Instagram model who became famous for her butt workouts, has turned her back assets into big business. A Long Island, NY resident found fame by skipping college and posting pics of her booty in brightly colored, tight workout clothing on Instagram. Now Jen Selter gets $15,000 per sponsored post on Instagram and has been featured in many media outlets.

Below is a compiled list of the most and least paid influencers for sponsored posts on Instagram.

Top 10 Paid Influencers for Sponsored Posts on Instagram for 2017

InfluencerInstagram FollowersPaid Per Sponsored Post
Huda Kattan20.5 million$18,000
Cameron Dallas19.8 million$17,000
Jen Selter11.1 million$15,000
Zoella11.1 million$14,000
Nash Grier 10.2 million$13,000
Chiara Ferragni9.7 million$12,000
Julie Sarinara4.6 million$10,000
Aimee Song4.6 million$9,000
Danielle Bernstein1.7 million$7,000
Liz Eswein1.2 million£6,000

eMarketer estimates that influencer marketing revenues worldwide on Instagram alone will total more than $570 million in 2016. This alone suggests Instagram influencer market is likely a multibillion-dollar industry and will continue to grow yearly.

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